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of the U.S. population has migraine.
are misdiagnosed.


Does this sound familiar to you? It does to us: we hear the phrase “I just deal with it,” from almost every patient who visits The Headache Center. There are so many obstacles between headache sufferers and appropriate treatment that it often doesn’t seem worth it to even try. But many of them are actually misconceptions! Take a look at our “Migraine Myths” post to see if you’ve been fooled by a common “myth” that is keeping you from receiving treatment. 


Appropriate migraine treatment is complex, but it is not impossible or unachievable! With an accurate diagnosis and a comprehensive, holistic treatment plan, you can be pain free. At The Headache Center, we believe in working together with our patients, as a team. 

And we promise to give you:


During your first appointment at The Headache Center we’ll spend at least an hour with you, listening to your concerns, thoroughly examining your history, and performing a comprehensive exam in order to establish an accurate diagnosis.

Subsequent visits will be less time-intensive, but we’ll always spend at least 30 minutes with you reviewing your current treatment plan, assessing side-effects, tolerability, and efficacy, and making adjustments to your treatment as needed. Your input is key!


At The Headache Center, establishing an accurate diagnosis doesn’t just mean you get a certain label; we are committed to helping you fully understand your diagnosis. Our staff thoroughly explains your specific condition(s) and walks you through every aspect of your treatment plan, from medication to lifestyle management.

We also send you home armed with approachable, evidence-based articles to help you continue to learn, and we take time at every visit to answer your questions and guide you to additional resources.


Proper, effective treatment for headache and migraine conditions involves more than a simple prescription. A holistic treatment plan is typically necessary, involving many factors such as lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, prescription medication, and more.

Every patient’s triggers and symptoms are different, and require a unique approach to ensure that treatment thoroughly addresses all symptoms and co-morbidities and doesn’t produce problematic side-effects. We treat you as a person, not a label.


At The Headache Center, we believe in the power of education. The more you understand about what causes your migraines and which treatments work best, the more you’ll be able to be an active partner in your treatment. Select an option below to begin learning:

Testimonials from our patients

We know that we can help you to finally experience life free from migraine and headache pain! But don’t just take our word for it. See what our wonderful patients have to say about what it’s like to work with us.

they care about me

"I was very impressed as the entire staff showed that they actually cared for my headaches, when even Neurologist have never done anything to help. I now have a rescue treatment that is non narcotic. I highly recommend anybody suffering from migraines to give them a try."
Scott Harrison Williams


"It meant so much to have someone to listen to me and evaluate me rather than just prescribe meds and send me out the door. The staff is great!! I would recommend to anyone! Wish I would have done this sooner." LEE DEERMAN WHITTINGTON

they helped me

"My fiancé has had a headache for 3 years now and has seen a neurologist... The Headache Center has finally given him RELIEF! Becca and the staff were great and gave us answers for the first time in 3 years! Today is the first day in 3 years that he does not have a headache! I'm crying tears of joy!!!
Blair Ryle Vollmuth