research at the headache center

We are passionate about the need for additional headache research, and we're working hard to make the Headache Center part of the solution.

New Treatments and strategies

The Headache Center—located in Ridgeland, Mississippi—is proud to offer enrollment in multicenter clinical trials that focus on new headache treatments and strategies. Research in drug treatments and neuromodular devices are studied at the global and national level to minimize disability and the burden of chronic headache disorders on sufferers and their families. 

am i eligible to participate?

Participation in clinical trials at The Headache Center requires in-person attendance at our clinic in Ridgeland, Mississippi. Additional requirements for each clinical study vary depending on the goal and subject of the research in question. 

Clinical Trials: 601-790-1811

Call us for more information or to see if you qualify. Care in clinical studies is offered at no cost to the subject and compensation is provided for time and travel.

Clinical trials and research studies

The Headache Center has participated in several studies for the treatment of migraine, cluster headache, and medication overuse headache. We are continually enrolling patients in studies and adding new trials to our research center, so check back regularly to see what has become available.

To see what programs are currently available or to read about past programs that have been completed at The Headache Center, click the titles below: