There are a wide variety of misconceptions floating around about migraine and other headache disorders. Often, these misunderstandings prevent sufferers from seeking out and receiving effective treatment for their condition. 

Are you choosing to live in pain when you don’t have to? Take a look at the 4 “Migraine Myths” below; we bet at least some of them will surprise you!

"It's no big deal. Everybody gets headaches sometimes, right?"

It is a big deal! A headache disorder such as migraine or cluster headache is a serious medical condition.

Migraine is the 3rd most prevalent illness in the world, and the 6th most disabling. It is the cause of approximately 1.2 million Emergency Room visits in the United States every year. Nearly 1 in 4 households includes someone with migraine , and more than 4 million suffer from chronic migraine occurring more than 15 times a month.

of migraine sufferers are unable to function normally during a migraine attack.

"I don't want to take opioids, barbiturates, or narcotics, and that's what migraine treatment is."

Controlled substances such as opioids, barbiturates, and narcotics are NOT correct treatment for migraine

In fact, The Headache Center does not prescribe any controlled substances for headache treatment. Instead, we stay on top of the most cutting-edge FDA-approved treatments such as botox, nerve blocks, nerve stimulation, oxygen therapy, and more. We take a holistic approach aimed at treating all the problems associated with headache disorders.
of published studies show worse outcomes when treated with opioids and barbiturates.

"I've gone to so many doctors and specialists, and none of them were able to help me. My case is just hopeless."

Effective treatment is possible! Headache Specialists undergo in-depth, ongoing training specifically on headache that no other practitioners receive.

The vast majority of migraine sufferers do not seek medical care for their pain, and fewer than half of those who do are correctly diagnosed. The key to effective treatment is involving a true Headache Specialist. Our training in headache medicine is extensive and ongoing, and far exceeds the training in headache medicine by most other practitioners (even Neurologists!).
of migraine sufferers who seek medical care actually see a Headache Specialist.

"I get headaches often and they're pretty bad, but I can usually power through with over-the-counter meds."

Trying to "just deal with it" can actually make your headache disorder worse over time!

That over-the-counter pain reliever might help you get through the day, but medication overuse is the top cause of episodic migraine transforming into a chronic condition. Having migraine also increases your risk for other physical and psychiatric conditions. And when you suffer, your condition affects not just your own quality of life but that of others in your family and household.

of patients in one study said migraines caused problems in their relationships.

Headache disorders are painful, distressing, and disruptive to your life, but trying to find an effective, affordable, and manageable treatment plan often feels even more disruptive.

It doesn't have to be this way! There ARE real solutions that can help you get your life back. The Headache Center can help.