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positive review I had suffered with daily migraines for several years. I was to the point that I had turned in my notice to quit teaching. I just couldn’t handle it anymore. The migraines were so bad that they were making me throw up and stay in bed all day. I researched online and came across the headache center. I made an appointment, and they were able to see me right away. They listened to me. They listened! They didn’t make me feel stupid…they listened! We tried several different things, and it didn’t take long until we found THE thing. I was able to continue teaching! I didn’t quit my job. My headaches are not completely gone, but they are 90% better!! They are manageable, and I can count on one hand how many “bad” migraines I’ve had in the past 4 years!!! If you suffer with migraines, you must go see the wonderful people at the headache center….I should mention that I had tried everything under the sun to try to get relief. The headache center is the only place/thing that has helped me.

Michelle Wolfe Swearingen Avatar
Michelle Wolfe Swearingen

positive review Fever few herb flower for headaches.
Took regularly and cured me. One a day for months.

Pam Thomas Avatar
Pam Thomas

positive review I’ve been a consistent patient since 2018 and I’ve always received the best care and treatments for my severe migraines. Dr. Freedman is the absolute best! Without their knowledge and determination, I would likely still be home in a dark room unable to function.

Mary Crosby Avatar
Mary Crosby

positive review Just had my first visit. Everyone we came into contact with was amazing and sincere. I wish I had gone here first. I can’t wait to see what progress we make together.

Amelia Baldwin Harr Avatar
Amelia Baldwin Harr

positive review The Headache Center is by far the best place to get top treatment and care for headaches. Everyone is kind and professional. NP Jessica Lowery is amazing. She works diligently to help manage my chronic migraines and find answers that only God can give. Thank you for changing my life. This is a life changing treatment center. I am so very blessed to be a patient at this facility!!!

Audie Mooney Stewart Avatar
Audie Mooney Stewart

positive review Great place, Great staff, many different options for headache relief, life changing.

Kristen-Chris Fulton Avatar
Kristen-Chris Fulton

positive review I started going to them after seeing a neurologist in my home town and headaches was not getting better after one visit they helped me . Headaches got a whole lot better. I highly recommend them to anyone

Renee Morris Avatar
Renee Morris

positive review This is the only health clinic that has ever helped me to better control my migraines. Have had them for over 20 years and seen every type of doctor that could help. They are the only ones to help and care.

Kim Wood Avatar
Kim Wood

positive review This place has been a life changer for me. If you have migraines or any kind of headaches I highly recommend you see any one in this clinic. I have seen two of the NP’s and they were both remarkable! The entire staff is wonderful and helpful. I have had two appts and since I started the new treatment I have had two migraines in 40 days compared to 15-25 a month and a nagging daily headache

Jessica Clark Fortenberry Avatar
Jessica Clark Fortenberry

positive review Kim was the best! And Mrs. Laura too. I highly recommended them to anybody!

Hope Raymond Avatar
Hope Raymond

positive review people are super nice! They actually care about you and listen to what you have to say

Lisa Marie McDonald Smith Avatar
Lisa Marie McDonald Smith

positive review I was diagnosed with cluster headaches 4 years ago. They successfully broke my headache cycle with medication . I was at the point of going insane and was having thoughts of ending my own life. I highly recommend them.

Lee Holly Avatar
Lee Holly