The Migraine World Summit is happening again this year, and we’re excited to be a partner!

This a week-long online event in March to discuss new treatments, best practices and the latest research in the world of Migraine.

Migraine World Summit Speakers - The Headache Center

Billed as “The largest patient event in the world for migraine and headache disorders,” the 5th annual Migraine World Summit brings together 32 experts, including doctors and specialists, to share new treatments, research, and strategies to help you improve your migraine and chronic headache.

This is a “virtual” summit, meaning it takes place completely online. You can watch it from your home, office or on the road; no need to travel, and you can maintain all of the comforts of home while learning more about migraine.

Here are some of the key benefits of Migraine World Summit.

  • Leading experts from around the world. At the Migraine World Summit, you’ll learn first-hand from 32 of the world’s top migraine and headache experts from leading institutions including Stanford University School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and the Jefferson Headache Center.
  • You get full access. Many of these world-leading experts have long waiting lists and fees that are beyond what the average insurance policy would cover. Skip the waiting period and get straight into the room with these experts.
  • It’s free. The event is free to watch from March 18-26. Each day, four new interviews will be available to view for 24 hours, after which they are replaced by the next day’s interviews. After March 26, transcripts and interview copies are available to purchase.

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Join more than 100,000 new and returning attendees and tune in to 32 brand new interviews with experts and others to explore the answers that will help you better manage migraine and chronic headache.

Questions answered include:

  • How does migraine affect memory and cognitive abilities over time?
  • What is the best diet for migraine?
  • How can chronic migraine be managed?
  • What is the relationship between migraine and autoimmune or inflammatory diseases?
  • What new treatments are available or coming soon?
  • What new non-medicinal alternatives are now available?
  • Is CBD a proven migraine treatment?
  • What advice do experienced patient advocates have to share?
  • How did someone win Olympic Gold while battling migraine?
  • Is migraine a genetic disorder?
  • How does trauma (physical or emotional) affect migraine?
  • Which celebrities also have migraine?
  • Is there a proven surgery for migraine?
  • What is mindfulness-based stress reduction?
  • Which supplements can help reduce migraine?

The virtual Migraine World Summit is free from March 18-26, 2020. Get complimentary access when you register today.

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